Happy Together Indeed: Howard Kaylan's Autobiography

March 2013

The guy who sang "Happy Together" led a fascinating life. Howard Kaylan careened through rock n' roll (& pop culture) history for four decades, making friends with Zappa, Hendrix, Lennon, Nilsson, Brian Jones, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Tom Jones, Ramones, Springsteen, Psychedlic Furs and on and on.

Flo & Eddie -- as Kaylan and his lifelong on-stage partner Mark Volman became known -- knew *everyone* in the biz. A little bit of disciplined high school music training went *a long way* in the rock n roll era, evidently.

I get the feeling Kaylan is a true mensch, and a natural entertainer who could work any stage. Indeed, he is damn fine story teller here. The opener about doing lines of cocaine off of Abe Lincoln's workdesk in Dick Nixon's White House ("Yes, that Abraham Lincoln and that White House") was a brilliant glimpse into 1969.

Kayland and Volman on stage One curiosity: He devotes almost no attention to his partner Mark Volman. The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie have been together longer than any of their marriages. Maybe some relationships are too deep to be summed up so readily? Then again, for an entertainer as devoted as Kaylan, "Happy Together" truly is a song joyous enough to sing for a lifetime.