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Okta Expands Free Identity Management Services, Cloud Native Deployment Options Addressing the increasing importance of scalability in the enterprise, identity management giant Okta has expanded its free tier of authentication, authorization and user management tools for develope (The New Stack), 2021-04-06.

Features Through the Ages

The Day Vehicles Started Driving Themselves

Fri, 19 Mar 2004

Behind By 2020, it has been estimated, as many as 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road. Though optimistic, the prediction seems plausible enough: Google is making amazing strides in its self-driving prototype, and BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla are already adding self-driving features into their autos.

Remember, if you will, that not all that long ago the very idea of a self-navigating vehicle was mostly the stuff of SciFi. It certainly seemed fairly preposterous in 2004, when I had the opportunity to witness the first-ever autonomous vehicle race, held in the Mojave Desert, by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA). So it was remarkable then that the winning vehicle had managed to travel was 7.4 miles on its own, just as it is remarkable today how quickly these robot vehicles have evolved since then. Here is my account of that day. Click to Read More...

Donald Becker and the Birth of the Beowulf Cluster

Weds, 13 April, 2005 >

Maspeth In early 1993, then-NASA employees Donald Becker and Thomas Sterling devised a way to yoke multiple low-cost desktop computers together so they could offer the combined performance of a much higher-cost supercomputer. Click to Read More...


The Long Running Feud Between vi and EMACS users

Tue, 04 Dec 2001

EMACS Like fight-fatigued battalions who come to a temporary truce but refuse to give up the war, vi and EMACS users keep an uneasy standoff in many Linux communities. When pressed, most people familiar with both editors will say the difference between the two is primarily one of speed vs. flexibility. But why has this difference of views remained a divisor of programmer culture for more than four decades now? Click to Read More...



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