A few recent published stories on information technology:

Lessons in Thrift: How Facebook Keeps its Web Pages Snappy With over 2.2 billion users worldwide, Facebook may very well be the most widely-used software platform on the planet. (The New Stack), 2018-05-18.

GitOps: Git Push All the Things While the idea of cloud-native computing promises to change how modern IT operations work, the idea remains vague for many who work in the profession. GitOps, an idea that generated some buzz at the K (The New Stack), 2018-05-11.

Interview: Google gVisor and the Challenge of Securing Multitenant Containers Last week Google unveiled a new open source project, gVisor, a sandbox for securely running containers in multitenant environments. (The New Stack), 2018-05-07.

Google Launches gVisor, an Open Source Sandboxed Container Runtime Following up on the immense success of the Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine, Google has launched another open source cloud-native software project, one designed to secure containe (The New Stack), 2018-05-02.

Red Hat Releases a Framework to Easily Package Applications for Kubernetes Open source enterprise software provider Red Hat has released a toolkit that makes it easy to build applications that can be managed by Kubernetes. Called the Operator Framework, it makes use of the O (The New Stack), 2018-05-02.

Q&A with Eventbrite's Pat Poels on Building a Rapidly-Scalable Events-Driven Architecture Summer is almost here (at least for the northern hemisphere), and with the warm weather comes the festivals and outdoor events. In other words, it is crunch-time for the event management and ticketing (The New Stack), 2018-04-27.

Microsoft Azure Container Instances are Now Ready for Production Workloads Previewed last year, Microsoft’s Azure Container Instances (ACI) is now ready for production usage, according to the company. (The New Stack), 2018-04-25.

A Tip from Mechanical Engineering: Use Control Theory to Better Auto-Scale Systems Want to more efficiently automate the scaling up and down of your IT systems? Take a close look at the traditional practice of control theory, advised Allan Espinosa, a DevOps engineer for Bloomberg, (The New Stack), 2018-04-24.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform Bundles Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry Enterprise Linux distributor SUSE has bundled the Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service software with the Kubernetes container orchestration engine, with the aim of providing an integrated package of op (The New Stack), 2018-04-21.