A few recent published stories on information technology:

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Welcomes the NATS Messaging Protocol into the Fold Continuing to fill out its portfolio of cloud-friendly infrastructure software, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has accepted the NATS messaging software as an incubation-level hosted proj (The New Stack), 2018-03-15.

Aqua Extends Container Security Platform to Kubernetes, Cloud Services Aqua Security has extended its container security platform to cover the Kubernetes open source container orchestration tool, as well as to third-party container-as-a-service cloud platforms, where use (The New Stack), 2018-03-12.

Mesosphere 1.11 Focuses on Edge Computing, Multicloud and Disaster Recovery When it comes to edge computing, one early adopter has been Royal Caribbean Cruises, which is currently outfitting its vacation ships to provide personalized customer services, with the help of new ca (The New Stack), 2018-03-08.

Instagram Supercharges Cassandra with a Pluggable RocksDB Storage Engine To boost the performance of a mission-critical instance of Cassandra, Instagram engineers replaced the storage engine of this Java-based distributed open source database with a faster C++-based one fr (The New Stack), 2018-03-05.

Microservices: It Is All About the Events Microservices appear to be the major topic of discussion at the Software Architecture conference in New York, with developers and system designers in attendance curious as to how to transform their mo (The New Stack), 2018-02-28.

The Mesosphere Data Center Operating System Will Soon Offer a Managed Kubernetes FFor the next version of its Data Center Operating System, Mesosphere is adding full support for the Kubernetes container orchestration software (The New Stack), 2018-02-27.