A few recent published stories on information technology:

Google Launches Jib, Automated Container Packaging for Java Apps Google has released software that could automate the packaging of a Java program so that it can be run in the cloud-native environment. (The New Stack), 2018-07-11.

Debugging Microservices: Lessons from Google, Facebook, Lyft It was about five years ago when Lyft engineers started seeing operational problems in its move to microservices. (The New Stack), 2018-07-03.

Q&A with Julia Grace, the Slack Head of Infrastructure Engineering Earlier this week, an international business holiday was almost declared as Slack unexpectedly went offline for a few hours. (The New Stack), 2018-06-29.

Roadmap: Containers for High Performance Computing With a few adjustments to the technology, Docker containers could bring heretofore unseen efficiencies to supercomputers and high-performance computing (The New Stack), 2018-06-26.

How Drone Solved ownCloud’s Continuous Integration Woes Before adopting Drone, the cloud storage provider ownCloud was in the dark ages when it came to continuous integration and delivery, asserted Thomas Boerger, an ownCloud DevOps engineer. (The New Stack), 2018-06-24.

IBM ‘BlockDrop’ Research Speeds Neural Networks IBM Research, with the help of the University of Texas Austin and the University of Maryland, has created a technology, called BlockDrop, that promises to speed convolutional neural network operations (The New Stack), 2018-06-18.