A few recent published stories on information technology:

IBM ‘BlockDrop’ Research Speeds Neural Networks IBM Research, with the help of the University of Texas Austin and the University of Maryland, has created a technology, called BlockDrop, that promises to speed convolutional neural network operations (The New Stack), 2018-06-18.

KubeFlow: Manage AI Workflows with Kubernetes Artificial intelligence may be at the peak of its hype cycle for modern businesses, but for the IT administrator, it is still a headache, requiring software and processes that may reside entirely outs (The New Stack), 2018-06-14.

Docker Enterprise Edition Offers Multicloud App Management Docker has expanded its commercial container platform software, Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) to manage containerized applications across multiple cloud services. (The New Stack), 2018-06-13.

Ballerina: An API-First Programming Language Open source enterprise application integration software provider WSO2 has launched a programming language built around supporting application programming interfaces (APIs) as a first-class entity. (The New Stack), 2018-06-12.

Node.js Creator Blasts Node.js, Offers a Secure TypeScript-Based Alternative Like Dr. Frankenstein aghast at the monster he had built, Node.js creator Ryan Dahl voiced some deep misgivings about his server-side JavaScript runtime engine at the recent JSConf.EU conference earl (The New Stack), 2018-06-08.

Red Hat Buildah Provides a Way to Build Containers without the Docker Daemon Red Hat wants to rid the daemons from the process of building the containers. (The New Stack), 2018-06-07.

Extend Spinnaker Automated Delivery with Machine Learning and Custom Pipeline Logic The open source Spinnaker is a continuous delivery tool originally developed by Netflix and Google, one that could be used to run a development pipeline for multiple cloud deployments. (The New Stack), 2018-06-05.

https://thenewstack.io/microsoft-to-acquire-github-to-expand-developer-reach/ In a move to solidify its presence in the development market, Microsoft is acquiring GitHub, the world’s largest online repository for open source software, for $7.5 billion. (The New Stack), 2018-06-04.

CNCF Brings the Helm Package Manager for Kubernetes into the Fold The Cloud Native Computing Foundation continues to expand its stack of open-source tools for running cloud-native computing operations. Thursday, the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted to (The New Stack), 2018-06-01.

Canonical Shakes up the Market for OpenStack Distributions The market for OpenStack distributions is ripe for some disruption and commodification, at least in the eyes Canonical founder, Mark Shuttleworth, who shook up the audience in a talk on the subject (The New Stack), 2018-05-25.