A few recent published stories on information technology:

HashiCorp Consul Brings Namespace Management to the Service Mesh HashiCorp has updated its Consul services networking platform with the capability to manage service namespaces at an organization-wide level. (The New Stack), 2019-12-10.

Amazon Web Services CodeGuru Will Point Out What is Wrong with Your Code A new service from Amazon Web Services, called CodeGuru, aimed to automate code reviews and provide application performance recommendations. (The New Stack), 2019-12-04.

Amazon Web Services Launches an IDE to Manage the Full Machine Learning Lifecycle As it did last year, Amazon Web Services made machine learning and artificial intelligence a big theme of its annual Re:Invent user conference, being held in Las Vegas this week. AWS CEO Andy Jassy de (The New Stack), 2019-12-03.

Amazon Web Services Launches Quantum Computing-as-a-Service Getting an early start on what many will feel will eventually become a huge industry, Amazon Web Services has launched a fully-managed quantum computing service, called Braket. (The New Stack), 2019-12-01.

Palo Alto Networks to Acquire Aporeto for its Growing Prisma Cloud Native Security Suite Enterprise software security provider Palo Alto Networks has set the wheels in motion to acquire security machine identity-based software provider Aporeto for approximately $150 million, the two compa (The New Stack), 2019-11-26.

It Takes a Community: Kubernetes Long Road to Dual IPv4/IPv6 Support While you may thinking of Kubernetes as the future of computing, but it was, until recently, still stuck in the past in one way, namely that it was built on IPv4, the widely-used, though a soon-to-be- (The New Stack), 2019-11-21.

Solo.io Autopilot: A Framework for Automating Service Mesh Operations A new project from service mesh provider Solo.io demonstrates the possibilities of automating service mesh operations, using the telemetry created by the service mesh itself. (The New Stack), 2019-11-20.