A few recent published stories on information technology:

To Reduce Tech Debt, Eliminate Dependencies (and Refactoring) If you want to eliminate technology debt, then stop using open source libraries and frameworks, advised Robert Lefkowitz, the recently retired Chief Architect of eyewear provider Warby Parker. (The New Stack), 2019-02-15.

Q&A: How LinkedIn Uses Data Science To Reveal the Way Forward For the past six years, Ya Xu has led the company data science team, which works on how to use the data to improve products, optimize the sales channel, identify the right targeting for the company ma (The New Stack), 2019-02-08.

Dr. Michael Stonebraker: A Short History of Database Systems When it comes to understanding database systems, there may be better no better person to speak with than Dr. Michael Stonebraker, who, along with Eugene Wong in 1974, created the first working relatio (The New Stack), 2019-02-01.