A few recent published stories on information technology:

Fresh Spectre Vulnerabilities May Force Cloud Providers to Disable Intel Hyper-Threading Last year, when the news of the Spectre processor vulnerability first surfaced, observers warned that it would probably be the first of other possible flaws found in the speculative execution of Intel (The New Stack), 2019-05-15.

A Week Later, Docker Offers Scant Details on Hub Attack Citing an ongoing investigation, Docker provided few details at its annual DockerCon user conference about the attack last week on Docker Hub that led to the exposure of 190,000 user accounts — and (The New Stack), 2019-05-03.

DockerCon 2019: All About the End-to-End Container Lifecycle While Kubernetes might have stolen the Docker thunder over the past few years in the ongoing revolution of cloud native computing, Docker is taking over the work of making container-based development (The New Stack), 2019-04-30.

Docker Enterprise 3.0 Simplifies Kubernetes Management Docker has released the third major iteration of Docker Enterprise, a platform for managing containers in a professional setting (The New Stack), 2019-04-30.

Docker Hub Compromised, Users Urged to Reset Passwords, Tokens Some users of the Docker Hub container registry need to change their credentials, inspect their logs and reboot their autobuilds, as Docker has disclosed that an unknown party temporarily gained unaut (The New Stack), 2019-04-27.