A few recent published stories on information technology:

DigitalOcean: COVID-19 Puts Capacity Planning on an Accelerated Schedule We spoke Apurva Joshi, vice president of products at DigitalOcean, what about this cloud services giant is seeing in terms of impact, and the success it has had in keeping its customers happy. (The New Stack), 2020-04-06.

Lightstep: Pay for the Observability, Not Just the Telemetry In the opinion of Ben Sigelman, CEO and co-founder of Lightstep, users should not have to pay for system metrics. For monitoring microservices, telemetry should be a commodity. The value-add should co (The New Stack), 2020-04-02.

CTOs Seek Volunteers to Help the U.S. Government COVID-19 Efforts A group of technology leaders from organizations such as Facebook and Kleiner Perkins has launched a volunteer initiative to find IT professionals to set up and run the tech to help the U.S. federal, (The New Stack), 2020-03-23.

Istio 1.5 Brings a Binary Installer, WASM-Based Extensibility for Envoy The newest version of the open source Istio service mesh, version 1.5, comes with a fresh installer to simplify the deployment process, along with a new extension model, based on WebAssembly (WASM), t (The New Stack), 2020-03-19.

Beyond Kube-Proxy: Tigera Calico Harnesses eBPF for a Faster Data Plane Thanks to the power of the newly-introduced eBPF in the Linux kernel, Tigera has been able to outfit its Kubernetes-focused Calico network management software with a new data plane mode, one that can (The New Stack), 2020-03-17.

GitHub Acquires npm, Buying Microsoft a Presence in the Node/JavaScript Community Code repository service GitHub is in the process of acquiring the preeminent software registry for Node.js and JavaScript modules, npm, the two companies announced Monday. (The New Stack), 2020-03-16.

Gremlin’s Failover Conf: A Virtual Conference for Those Grounded by COVID-19 IT infrastructure testing company Gremlin is launching a virtual conference in lieu of the many tech conferences — such as KubeCon+CloudNativeCon — that have been canceled in light of the worldwid (The New Stack), 2020-03-11.

Amazon Web Services Releases a Linux Distribution Built for Containers Amazon Web Services has unveiled a preview version of Bottlerocket, a Linux-based open source operating system built to host containers. (The New Stack), 2020-03-11.