A few recent published stories on information technology:

Grafana Now Offers Flux as a Native Query Language As part of a sweeping set of upgrades for version 6.0, the open source Grafana analytics visualization software now supports the Flux query language for time-series data, initially as a plugin, but so (The New Stack), 2019-03-19.

F5 to Buy NGINX to Enhance Cloud Native and Multicloud Capabilities Application controller delivery software provider F5 is planning to acquire NGINX Inc., which manages the popular open source web server/load balancer and reverse proxy of the same name. (The New Stack), 2019-03-11.

Red Hat Launches a Hub for Kubernetes Operators Building on the momentum for the Kubernetes Operators, Red Hat has set up a public registry, OperatorHub.io, designed to make it easier for developers and admins to find pre-tested Operators for thei (The New Stack), 2019-02-28.