A few recent published stories on information technology:

Netflix Builds a Pipeline for Polyglot Programming Once Netflix was a Java shop, and its focus on one programming language allowed the company to streamline its pipeline so developers to speed code to production as quickly as possible. But programmers (The New Stack), 2017-10-10.

OpenFaaS: Run Any Containerized Command Line App as a Serverless Function Why limit serverless functions to whatever programming languages that are supported by the provider? (The New Stack), 2017-10-09.

Jupyter Notebooks Meet the Challenge of Reproducibility Every application needs to have one killer feature. For the Jupyter Notebook, that feature may be reproducibility. (The New Stack), 2017-09-25.

The Role of API Gateways in Microservice Architectures Despite their differences in nomenclature, newly emerging service meshes aren’t all that different that API Gateways, and the similarities between the two will continue to grow over time, so predict (The New Stack), 2017-09-21.