A few recent published stories on information technology:

Node.js Removes Version Dependencies for Native Modules Thanks to a collaborative open source effort across multiple companies, Node.js developers will no longer have to recompile their native modules each time Node is upgraded, which is the current headac (The New Stack), 2018-10-17.

NetApp Goes Cloud Native with StackPointCloud Acquisition With the acquisition of StackPointCloud, storage services and systems provider NetApp will be in the unique position of offering multicloud Kubernetes support for stateful applications. (The New Stack), 2018-10-16.

The Internet of Things Needs an Infusion of Web Technologies Despite being a potential $11 trillion industry, the Internet of Things (IoT) appears to be stuck in neutral. And while there are many problems with IoT that hold it back, one of the chief blocks is t (The New Stack), 2018-10-11.

Gremlin Applies Chaos Testing to Serverless Expanding upon its failure-as-a-service platform, Gremlin now offers the ability to induce failure in serverless services, with the aim, as in all chaos engineering, to give administrators a better id (The New Stack), 2018-10-04.

Honeycomb’s Charity Majors: Go Ahead, Test in Production Continuing to question the traditional wisdom that software updates should be tested in their own sandbox environment, Charity Majors spoke at ChaosConf about the benefits of testing in the production (The New Stack), 2018-10-02.

CNCF, Eclipse Explore Kubernetes-Driven Internet of Things, Edge Computing The Eclipse Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation have partnered to create a Kubernetes Internet-of-Things (IoT) - Edge Computing Working Group. (The New Stack), 2018-09-28.

Cortex Offers Stateful Prometheus Monitoring for Multiple Clients While many in the cloud native community praise the Prometheus monitoring tool for its ease of use, it was not designed to permanently store operational data, nor be used for more than one client. (The New Stack), 2018-09-25.