A few recent published stories on information technology:

Salesforce, Comcast Test Kubernetes for Massively Scalable Workloads While Kubernetes is currently riding high on top of the hype cycle, the real proof of its utility will be enterprise adoption. (The New Stack), 2017-07-19.

Benchmarking Serverless: IBM Scientists Devise a Test Suite to Quantify Performance The promise of serverless technologies is how they could simplify scalability. (The New Stack), 2017-07-10.

The New Science of Building Successful Data-Driven Apps A few years back, when Bit.ly needed to burn in its new Hadoop cluster, the company’s chief scientist of the time, Hilary Mason, and her team decided to use the cycles to analyze three years worth o (The New Stack), 2017-07-07.

AI Programming: So Much Uncertainty Much work, and many tools, are still needed to integrate artificial intelligence into the software engineering workflow. (The New Stack), 2017-07-03.