A few recent published stories on information technology:

How Uber Eats Uses Machine Learning to Estimate Delivery Times Estimating the perfect times for drivers to pick up food delivery orders for a number of different restaurants can be one of the most difficult of the computational problems. (The New Stack), 2019-07-19.

AWS Debuts an Event Bus, Programmable Infrastructure Support Keeping a close eye on how customers are using its cloud offerings, Amazon Web Services has debuted two new notable services aimed at automating the deployment of cloud native applications onto the co (The New Stack), 2019-07-11.

How LinkedIn, PayPal Each Beat Database Lag with Home-Built Open Source At QCon New York last month, PayPal and LinkedIn each unveiled new software projects designed to speed and simplify the movement of data. (The New Stack), 2019-07-08.

The Slow Climb of Postgres and the Value of Persistence Those intrepid individuals trying to bring a new innovation into the world, or a new start-up, should keep in mind the power of perseverance. Even if a technology is a hit, the creator must still face (The New Stack), 2019-06-28.