A few recent published stories on information technology:

AWS’ cdk8s, a Dev-Friendly Alternative to YAML for Managing Kubernetes Clusters Cloud giant Amazon Web Services has launched an open-source framework, cdk8s, that provides developers with a way to define and manage Kubernetes-controlled applications and resources, using familiar (The New Stack), 2020-05-20.

VMware to Acquire Octarine to Boost Kubernetes Runtime Security VMware plans to acquire DevSecOps security provider Octarine, the two companies announced Wednesday. (The New Stack), 2020-05-13.

How HAProxy Streamlines Kubernetes Ingress Control Like many organizations dealing with surges of traffic, M6 decided on Kubernetes as the platform for a multicloud architecture, to ease the process of easily scaling up and down traffic. And one of th (The New Stack), 2020-05-06.