Baltimore magazine:

The Road to Wellville, How to deal with stress. (1996-10)

Bard to Tears, How Owings Mills' Watermark Press makes money publishing everyone. (1995-01)

Boyz Under The Hood, Baltimore's best mechanics. (1994-11)

Suture Shock, What is the price of saving 10 lives a year? Maryland Shock Trauma knows. (1994-10)

Blindsided, Why the National Federation of the Blind cut short Hank Dekker's nautical journey. (1993-10)

The Physics Lesson, The physics of drunken roof rides. (1993-08)

Mondo Middle Aged, What members of John Waters' original shock troupe are up to today. (1993-04)

The Working Lunch, When you work for food, how much do you actually make? (1993-03)

The Baltimore City Paper :

Grass Roots: How Medical Marijuana Moved From Fringe Issue to Political Buzz, (2002-03-27)

Go Fun Burn Man: Burning Man 1998, (1998-09-15)

Gotta Take That One Last Ride: U.S. Muscle Cars Take One Last Lap, (1996-06-26)

Best T-Shirt (1999 "Best of Baltimore" issue) Salvo Auto Parts. (1999-09-15)