Bushwick 2014, Photo by Tania Roberts

"An editing robot, in the purest John Henry steel drivin' man vs. machine sense; owns a steel-plated, dustproof, top secret Pentagon laptop. Never sleeps. Is polite to nuns ... Joab is all of these things" -- Frankenspock.

Welcome! You have found Joab Jackson's home page on the Web. Think of it as a virtual shed of sorts, one that stores all my "intellectual property," such as it is: Stories, photos, notes to myself, secrets, programming code, life-hacking data etc.

And like an actual shed, this site is a mess. The farther you click in, the further you'll go back in time, each layer framed by its own peculiar ideas of web design. Good Luck!

Every page here I created myself, largely with a simple text-editor. I have a general mistrust of blog software, content management systems, even fancy Web editors of the day -- all of which, I've painfully learned over the decades, leave bloated and obfuscated code. I'm left with no idea how to change anything. As I'd like to maintain this site for a few more decades, I want to keep the underlying source files as clean and understandable as possible.

During the day, I work as a technology journalist, covering computer science and the information technology industry. I cover the back office infrastructure side of IT, the real nuts-and-bolts technical stuff, like application development, cloud computing, system administration, data analysis and general computer science. Click here for the full resume. Email me here.

Also, DISCLOSURE, the blog posts have links back to products available on Amazon. Also, I think there are Google ads still somewhere on the site. Caveat Emptor! Proceeds are used to purchase small personal luxuries otherwise unaffordable to a gentleman of modest means. Deal.

This site runs entirely on open source software and open Web standards. Shout-outs go to Apache, MySQL, Perl, Python, PHP, JavaScript and its many awesome libraries, Linux (lately of the CentOS variety), Notepad Plus, The Gimp, Filezilla, Putty, CSS, HTML and a gaggle of other Web standards from the W3C, as well as an untold number of Unix command line tools. Hosting is provided, for now, from Digital Ocean.